Mini-ITX NAS Chassis - Available Now

Published by Richard Parry on 20th Apr 2014

We are pleased to announce the introduction of an excellent Mini-ITX NAS Chassis to our range of Logic Case products, the SC-N400.

The new chassis is ideal for home or office use, and due to it allowing any standard Mini-ITX motherboard it can be used with many combinations of internal components, allowing for excellent upgrade potential.

The NAS chassis is an attractive looking case. The front has a high gloss, piano black finish around the bezel. The actual front has a mesh filtered (matt black finish) lockable door too, which protects the drive bays within, and the power/reset switch and activity LED’s. The chassis itself is made from high quality steel in a black matt finish.

The case itself is only 7.75” Width, 7.5” Depth and 10” Height, making it one of the smallest hot-swap NAS cases on the market – smaller than many standalone NAS systems. It also weighs only 4KG in total (minus PSU and internal parts).

What sets this case apart from the rest is the 4-Bay 3.5” 6Gbps SATA hot-swap bays. This makes this tiny case one of the smallest Mini ITX cases on the market with built-in hot-swap. What’s more is the hot-swap will work with all motherboards – at the rear of the hot-swap module are 4x standard SATA connectors, which could connect either to an add-on RAID card, or directly to the motherboard.

In addition to the 4x hot-swap bays there is also room internally for a 2.5” hard drive or SSD. This makes it ideal to install a single drive for running an OS, such as Windows or Linux, and leaving the 4x hot-swap drives for the data storage.

To give an idea of the storage potential please see a quick chart below of the capabilities;

The actual casing of the system can be easily removed using thumb screws to allow full internal access to all components.

At the rear of the case there is a space for a Flex ATX 1U PSU, which we also supply in a range of wattages, including 80plus efficiency. The most popular PSU is 320W ATX and will be more than sufficient to run the most demanding of Mini-ITX Motherboard/CPU/RAM combination, an add-on card as well as the 4x hot-swap drives.

To add to the flexibility of the case it will also accept a standard single width, full height PCI card. This could be either a graphics card, or a RAID/HBA controller – or left blank for future expansion. Most Mini-ITX motherboards have a single (maximum) PCIe slot.

To help with airflow there is a single rear mounted 3pin 80mm fan. This is a very quiet fan, but could be changed-out for a 4pin or super-quiet fan without any modification to the chassis.


To order this product or discuss your requirements in any further detail please contact us or call us on 0800 652 1649 (+44(0)1827 303670 from outside the UK) and we would be happy to help.

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