4U Rackmount Server Chassis

4U Rackmount Chassis

Logic Case 4U rackmount chassis are perfect for storage-dense applications, or where a lot of storage drives are to be installed, either in a fixed or hot-swap format.
Our 4U chassis come in a diverse range of depths and feature-sets, including super short depth, all the way through to full 650mm deep cases allowing extended (EEB and CEB) motherboards to be installed.

Many of our 4U chassis with hot-swap now support 12Gb/s SAS drives, and are backwards compatible with 6Gbps and 3Gbps HDD and SSD’s.

Logic Case 4U chassis are produced from 1.2mm SECC steel and offer outstanding strength, rigidity and performance whilst their design ensures a lightweight product range at very competitive prices.

We can also offer a full OEM service on our 4U rackmount chassis. These OEM adjustments can, for example, offer alternative colours, internal metalwork (case configuration) or branding. Get in touch to discuss your OEM requirements today.


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