1U and 2U Server CPU Coolers - Now Available

Published by Richard Parry on 19th Sep 2013

We are happy to introduce our new range of high quality all-copper CPU coolers designed for 1U and 2U Server applications.

Our fantastic range consists of Active (with a fan) and Passive (no fan) Intel and AMD socket CPU coolers.

Both the active and passive coolers are an all copper construction for excellent thermal cooling of the CPU. Our cooler ranges have been tested to Intel and AMD standards.

Our 1U coolers use a squirrel/blower style fan, which pushes very large CFM of air over the CPU but keeping the noise level to a minimum, compared to that of traditional fans.

All our active coolers are 4 pin, allowing for PWM to the motherboard. This allows the motherboard/BIOS to dynamically control the speed of the fan and is a huge leap forward compared to previous’ models of 1U active coolers that were 3 pin only.

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