Compatibility Woes? Try our Chassis, Storage or Power Supply Matrix's

Published by Richard Parry on 15th Aug 2013

We’re proud to announce we’ve built some fantastic product matrixes on our site that integrates real-time with our product database.
We’ve got 3 matrixes setup – Chassis Matrix, Storage Kit Matrix and Power Supply Matrix.

The Chassis Matrix will allow you very easily see in a simple list all of our rackmount chassis and what they include, such as the rack height, order code/product SKU and more importantly depth, height and how many internal or external drive bays. It also accurately advises what PSU options are available for the chassis which will hopefully help customers find their ideal chassis very quickly.

The Storage Kit Matrix shows our storage options and what chassis they will fit into off the shelf.

The Power Supply Matrix shows our full range of power supplies and what chassis these PSU’s fit into.

Of course if you have any questions about compatibility or would like to discuss your exact requirements please call us on +44(0)1827 303670. Our team would be happy to help with recommendations on chassis, power supplies and options for your exact needs and requirements.

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