SAS 3 12Gbps Drive Support - Now Available

Published by Richard Parry on 1st Nov 2013

It’s here – 12Gbps SAS 3. The latest batch of chassis we have coming in are now fully SAS 3 12Gbps enabled, allowing the next generation of 12Gbps SSD’s to be used for lightning fast data transfers – twice the speed of SATA III/SAS II 6Gbps.

We've found an excellent chart giving the SAS Roadmap;

These backplanes are still backwards compatible though, so will continue to work with existing SATA I/II and SATA III Drives, as well as SAS I and SAS II.

Not all of our current in stock chassis have the new backplanes fitted, so if 12Gbps is a requirement for you and you intend to use a compatible HBA or RAID Controller and drives please get in touch to ensure the chassis we supply have the 12Gbps backplanes fitted, otherwise the existing standard 6Gbps would be fitted.

We would recommend LSI controllers for 12Gbps drive connectivity. Please take a look at their offering at;


If you would like to discuss your storage server requirements, and unsure if 12Gbps can be beneficial to you please contact us or call us on 0800 652 1649 (+44(0)1827 303670 from outside the UK)

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