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Published by Richard Parry on 4th Sep 2013

August has seen some brilliant new product lines and technologies being introduced in IT. There was the introduction of the new Supermicro 10th Generation (X10) motherboards and 12Gbps SAS was announced.

September is shaping up to be a fantastic month – with Western Digital releasing their 4TB Red NAS drives and Intel finally releasing their new Core range of Haswell based CPU’s. Also towards the end of September Intel will release the new range of E5 Xeon CPU’s, with core counts up to 12 cores, 24 threads and 30MB of L3 Cache – blimey!


If you’ve not already tried the Western Digital Red drives we suggest you do. They are 24/7 NAS suitable. They are full-on, so are not green – but that’s how most people want them – especially for RAID where powering-down would otherwise cause damage to a RAID array. Most new RAID controllers and motherboard SATA controllers should support this new 4TB disk size.

Also some good news is all of our chassis with 6GBps backplanes (either Discrete SATA or SFF-8087 MiniSAS) are fully compatible with these new 4TB hard drives. You should however check with your RAID controller, HBA or motherboard that these will be. A lot of manufacturers are checking compatibility with their hardware, so please check with your vendor first though.

12Gbps SAS is still a very new technology, with currently only LSI leading the market with their new 9300 and 9311 series of controllers that support this new technology. As soon as we have 12Gbps backplanes we will publish a new blog article and will contact our individual customers to let them know – Exciting stuff!

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