New Product Line Introduced

Published by Mark Jarvis on 1st Jul 2013

We’re pleased and excited to now be stocking a fantastic line of “family” server chassis.

The family consists of a 1U, 2U 3 and 4U chassis, matching in both their functionality, internal look and feel and the external/front bezels. They have aluminium louvered front bezels which give an excellent look and feel and compliment the family of chassis.

The chassis are already a firm favourite with our customers who want to manufacture their own server products to specific markets such as for appliance servers, VoIP and IP telephony, CCTV and Rendering Systems.
The four models in this family are;


This is a fantastic 1U short depth chassis, only 250mm deep. It supports a Mini ITX motherboard, single PCI slot and uses an energy efficient, low power Flex ATX PSU. The chassis can either have 1x 3.5” hard drive installed, or 2x 2.5” drives. This chassis is very popular with our customers already for uses as rack server appliances, such as firewalls, VoIP servers and CCTV recording systems. It is lightweight, compact and looks great in a rack cabinet with other telecoms equipment.


This is a 2U short depth chassis. It is only 380mm deep, so perfect for wall mount rack cabinets, or back to back installations in 4 traditional 800mm deep server cabinets. The chassis supports an industrial 1U Single PSU, a Standard ATX motherboard. Internal expansion is superb with 5x 3.5” hard drive bays.

Additionally the chassis is very versatile with the PCI slot expansion bays. The chassis accepts 3x Full Height PCI cards (when used with a suitable riser) as well as Low Profile PCI Slots. The beauty with this chassis is that a combination of Low Profile and Full Height cards can be used and the position of these slots can be easily adjusted by moving the full height cage to the left/right. This is incredibly flexible for customers who use unusual card configurations, for the likes of CCTV capture cards, VoIP analog/digital interfaces and more.


This chassis very similar to the SC-2380, but the noticeable difference being that it accepts a standard ATX PSU (80mm fans only), accepts a Micro ATX motherboard and has an external 5.25” bay. This bay could be used with a hot-swap drive module or a CD/DVD drive. Some of our customers use this chassis for CCTV whereby a DVD burner is installed for archiving/backing up video footage to be taken off site – as an example.


The chassis is the same as the SC-22400, apart from it doesn’t have an external 5.25” bay. Instead it has 6x 3.5” internal hard drive bays.


This is the bigger brother to the 2U, SC-2380 chassis. It is the same short depth, 380mm. It can however also accept a standard ATX PSU, which makes serviceability and initial purchase costs very low indeed.

As the chassis is 3U it will accept 7 full height PCI cards, has 7x 3.5” hard drive bays and takes a standard ATX motherboard.

The large number of drives that can be installed internally make this perfect for installations where a lot of data is stored and require permanent fitting (e.g. no hot-swap). As a result customers use this for CCTV video storage, gaming and web servers.


This is the daddy of the chassis. It is 4U in height, 390mm deep so is still perfect for a wall cabinet installation/short depth comms rack and accepts 5x 3.5” hard drives.

The benefit of this chassis over its smaller counterparts is that it will allow for multi processor motherboards and has plenty of internal cooling, thanks to large 80mm fans.

All models have fans installed behind the louvered front panel, drawing cool air in and over the internal components. The air flow holes are behind the louvered panels, which make the chassis look like it doesn’t have any airflow holes, and therefore making a clean look in any installation.

All models also have the usual front panel, including a power and reset switch, hard drive and power LED’s and USB sockets. The buttons are spring loaded, so cannot be accidentally pressed in, so reduces an engineer accidentally pressing a button.

If you would like to discuss your requirements using either this range of a similar range of our products please contact us or call us on +44(0)1827 303670

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