Hot-Swap Hard Drives the Easy Way

Published by Richard Parry on 12th May 2013

Do you currently have a chassis that you want to add hot-swap to, or additional hot-swap? There’s a simple solution – Our SC-H300 or SC-H500 hot-swap modules.

These modules are designed for installation into chassis with 3 or more spare 5.25” drive bays. You can use these modules in any kind of chassis and they don’t even need to be Logic Case chassis either.


This allows for 3x 3.5” SATA hard drives to be installed into 2x 5.25” drive bays.  There is an 80mm fan at the rear to cool the installed drives. The unit has front mounted LED indicators to show the status of each drive, both for its active state and also the disk activity. There is also an LED to show the fan status. If the fan fails or drops below a specific RPM the indicator will show and there will also be an audible alarm.


This is the same type of product as the SC-H300, but supports 5x 3.5” hard drives into 3x 5.25” drive bays.

On the rear of all of these are 2x Molex Power Cables and standard SATA connectors. The 3 drive model (SC-H300) has 3 SATA, and the 5 drive model (SC-H500) has 5 SATA connectors.

The hot-swap modules are SATA 6Gbps compatible and will also work with previous generation drives in a mixed combination mode, so you could use 6Gbps (SATA 3) and 3Gbps (SATA 2) drives if you wanted.

We have built a Storage Kit Matrix on our site so you can easily identify which of our own chassis our hot-swap modules will fit into, just click here to view this matrix.

If you would like to discuss your exact requirements or are unsure if these hot-swap modules will fit into a different brand of chassis please contact us or call us directly on +44(0)1827 303670.

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