Mini-ITX NAS Chassis - Available Now

Published by Richard Parry on 20th Apr 2014

We are pleased to announce the introduction of an excellent Mini-ITX NAS Chassis to our range of Logic Case products, the SC-N400.

The new chassis is ideal for home or office use, and due to it allowing any standard Mini-ITX motherboard it can be used with many combinations of internal components, allowing for excellent upgrade potential.

The NAS chassis is an attractive looking case. The front has a high gloss, piano black finish around the bezel. The actual front has a mesh filtered (matt black finish) lockable door too, which protects the drive bays within, and the power/reset switch and activity LED’s. The chassis itself is made from high quality steel in a black matt finish.

The case itself is only 7.75” Width, 7.5” Depth and 10” Height, making it one of the smallest hot-swap NAS cases on the market – smaller than many standalone NAS systems. It also weighs only 4KG in total (minus PSU and internal parts).

What sets this case apart from the rest is the 4-Bay 3.5” 6Gbps SATA hot-swap bays. This makes this tiny case one of the smallest Mini ITX cases on the market with built-in hot-swap. What’s more is the hot-swap will work with all motherboards – at the rear of the hot-swap module are 4x standard SATA connectors, which could connect either to an add-on RAID card, or directly to the motherboard.

In addition to the 4x hot-swap bays there is also room internally for a 2.5” hard drive or SSD. This makes it ideal to install a single drive for running an OS, such as Windows or Linux, and leaving the 4x hot-swap drives for the data storage.

To give an idea of the storage potential please see a quick chart below of the capabilities;

The actual casing of the system can be easily removed using thumb screws to allow full internal access to all components.

At the rear of the case there is a space for a Flex ATX 1U PSU, which we also supply in a range of wattages, including 80plus efficiency. The most popular PSU is 320W ATX and will be more than sufficient to run the most demanding of Mini-ITX Motherboard/CPU/RAM combination, an add-on card as well as the 4x hot-swap drives.

To add to the flexibility of the case it will also accept a standard single width, full height PCI card. This could be either a graphics card, or a RAID/HBA controller – or left blank for future expansion. Most Mini-ITX motherboards have a single (maximum) PCIe slot.

To help with airflow there is a single rear mounted 3pin 80mm fan. This is a very quiet fan, but could be changed-out for a 4pin or super-quiet fan without any modification to the chassis.


To order this product or discuss your requirements in any further detail please contact us or call us on 0800 652 1649 (+44(0)1827 303670 from outside the UK) and we would be happy to help.


Available Now - New Model for our Aluminium Chassis Family

Published by Richard Parry on 7th Nov 2013

We’re pleased to announce a new model for our very popular aluminium chassis family.

This new chassis is 2U in rack height, 400mm deep, so is perfect for installing in wall cabinets or small comms-cabinets and as a result is ideal for applications such as NAS, Firewall, Router or simple workgroup server applications.

Internally the chassis has support for 6x 3.5” hard drives (or SSD’s when used with a suitable bay converter), 4 low profile PCI-E expansion slots, standard ATX PSU Support (80mm fan only) and Micro ATX motherboard support.

On the front bezel, which is entirely manufactured from CNC machined aluminium is a simple but effective look. The bezel has an open area for 2x USB ports, and the usual Power and Hard Drive LED’s, plus push switch power and reset buttons. The entire front bezel also acts as a discrete air-vent, as it has louver’s throughout to allow air through into the case. Airflow is aided by 2 front mounted, quiet running 80mm fans. These are directly in front of the 4 hard drive bays, allowing excellent forced cooling.

Also on the front bezel is an area where a custom sticker/logo/branding can be affixed. Ideal for our customers who are marketing a product range using this chassis. 

We can also offer OEM on this as well as all of our other cases. This could include subtle changes such as making the front a specific colour, or the entire chassis, to making adjustments to the metalwork internally. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Finished in an industrial quality, black paint finish this chassis wouldn’t look out of place in any companies comms rack or server room.

To read more information about this product please visit; http://www.logic-case.com/products/quick/SC-2400/

If you would like to discuss your requirements for this case, or any of our other cases please contact us or call us on 0800 652 1649 (+44(0)1827 303670 from outside the UK) and we would be happy to help.


SAS 3 12Gbps Drive Support - Now Available

Published by Richard Parry on 1st Nov 2013

It’s here – 12Gbps SAS 3. The latest batch of chassis we have coming in are now fully SAS 3 12Gbps enabled, allowing the next generation of 12Gbps SSD’s to be used for lightning fast data transfers – twice the speed of SATA III/SAS II 6Gbps.

We've found an excellent chart giving the SAS Roadmap;

These backplanes are still backwards compatible though, so will continue to work with existing SATA I/II and SATA III Drives, as well as SAS I and SAS II.

Not all of our current in stock chassis have the new backplanes fitted, so if 12Gbps is a requirement for you and you intend to use a compatible HBA or RAID Controller and drives please get in touch to ensure the chassis we supply have the 12Gbps backplanes fitted, otherwise the existing standard 6Gbps would be fitted.

We would recommend LSI controllers for 12Gbps drive connectivity. Please take a look at their offering at; http://www.lsi.com/products/host-bus-adapters/pages/default.aspx#tab/product-family-tab-1


If you would like to discuss your storage server requirements, and unsure if 12Gbps can be beneficial to you please contact us or call us on 0800 652 1649 (+44(0)1827 303670 from outside the UK)


New Hot-Swap Drive Caddy - 4x SSD or 2.5 Hard Drive into a Single 5.25 Bay

Published by Richard Parry on 23rd Oct 2013

We’ve just launched our latest product, the SC-H250. This is a simple but effective little device, allowing for 4x 2.5” SATA/SAS drives to be connected in hot-swap into a single 5.25” Drive Bay.

- Supports 4 Bay SATA-I, II amd III /SAS Hot-swap  6GB/s
- Steel material, ROHS Compliant
- Electromagnetic shielding
- Molex power connections
- Supports hot-swap
- Supporting all operating systems
- 2 x 40mm Ball bearing fans with air duct
- Supports RAID 0,1,5,6,10 functions (RAID card required)

To view more information on the SC-H250 please visit; http://www.logic-case.com/products/quick/SC-H250/

If you need any spare parts please contact us or call us on 0800 652 1649 (+44(0)1827 303670 from outside the UK) and we would be happy to help recommend the suitable parts.


Extreme Storage Needed - We have the solution

Published by Richard Parry on 3rd Oct 2013

Are you looking for a high capacity storage server chassis? We have a wide range of rackmount server cases that accept multiple fixed, or hot-swap hard drives.

We have a huge range, but today I thought I would detail our larger chassis that can accommodate a lot of storage drives (SSD’s or hard drives).

Logic Case SC-1304

Starting from 1U were have the SC-1304. This chassis accepts up to an EEB Extended ATX motherboard, has 4x 3.5” hot-swap drive bays and takes a single 1U PSU. This is a popular, low cost, but versatile chassis. The backplane on this supports 6Gbps SAS and SATA and uses discrete (individual connectors on the rear). Also each drive bay supports both a 2.5” and 3.5” drive. No adapter is required and screw holes are available on the caddy for both drive sizes.

Logic Case SC-2112

On to 2U we have our flagship model, the SC-2112. This chassis accepts a CEB (standard ATX) motherboard so is relatively short depth, as a depth of only 550mm, but accepts 12x hot-swap SATA/SAS 6Gbps drives. Each caddy also takes 2.5” and 3.5” drives, so can be used with a combination of SSD or traditional hard drives. Assuming 12x 4TB drives are used you could install 48TB of available storage in this chassis. The chassis also accepts standard 2U single PSU’s and 2U redundant PSU’s. It is a perfect marriage of components to make a brilliant rackmount storage server.

Logic Case SC-2332

Another 2U model is our SC-2332. This is a 650mm deep chassis and accepts an EEB Extended ATX motherboard, single 2U or redundant 2U PSU. The feature of this chassis is its 32x 2.5” Hot-Swap Bays (7mm Max Height). Each bay supports a SAS or SATA hard drive or SSD and will run at 3Gbps or 6Gbps. Connectivity to the host system is through MiniSAS connectors. In total there are 8x MiniSAS connectors on the system. Our customers frequently use a single port SAS Controller along with a SAS Expander to make this a cost effective, high capacity storage system.

Logic Case SC-316

Our most popular 3U storage chassis is our SC-316 range. It has 16x 3.5” Hot-Swap Bays, all compatible with 2.5” drives (SSD’s and Hard Drives) and is compatible with SATA and SAS running at 6Gbps. There are 4x MiniSAS connectors (1 per backplane). Within the chassis is room for an EEB Extended ATX motherboard. There are two versions of this chassis; ATX PSU Support and 3U/2U ATX PSU Support. The SC-316-ATX will take a maximum of a MicroATX motherboard, but allows a cheaper ATX PSU to be used, such as our SC-ATX550, a cost-effective 550W Server-Grade 80plus PSU. The SC-316 will accept the EEB Extended ATX board and is compatible with a single 2U PSU, redundant 2U PSU and redundant 3U PSU.

Logic Case SC-4324

This is by far our most popular 4U storage chassis. It is a fantastic large chassis that will provide enough capacity for many installations, from small SOHO to large enterprise. The chassis has 24x 3.5” hot-swap bays, each supporting 3.5” or 2.5” SATA/SAS drives. The case accepts up to an EEB Extended ATX motherboard and has plenty of internal cooling to support the drives and any combination of motherboard, from a Micro ATX up to an EEB with dual CPU. The chassis accepts a standard ATX PSU (any ATX PSU, e.g. 120mm fan, 140mm fan or 80mm fan) using an adapter bracket that’s included. Brackets also included allow for a Mini Redundant PSU and a 3U Redundant PSU to be installed, making this system a highly available and reliable server solution. We have customers who use this chassis with 24x 4TB Western Digital RED 6Gbps SATA drives, giving 96TB of available (pre RAID overhead and disk overhead) storage capacity in 4U!

Logic Case SC-4364

The final system in the series – The Logic Case SC-4364. This is an absolute monster of a storage system in 4U. This chassis accepts 64x 2.5” hot-swap drives (7mm height). These can be traditional hard drives or SSD’s, or a combination of both. The backplane is 3Gbps and 6Gbps compatible, with MiniSAS connections to connect to expander cards or HBA/RAID controllers within. While 2.5” drives are not at the capacity of 3.5” drives yet these systems still pack a punch with the amount of drives they can accept. Let’s run the numbers. Each system will accept 64x drives. Assuming each had a 2TB drive installed this would allow you to get 128TB of available storage in a single chassis. If you populated a full 42U rack with these chassis, placing 10 systems in the cabinet (leaving 2U spare for switches and PDU’s etc) this would give 1.28 Petabytes of available storage (1,280TB, or 1,310,720GB!)


New Green Power Supply Range Launched

Published by Richard Parry on 12th Sep 2013

We’re proud to announce the launch of a wide range of server power supplies in both Industrial 1U, 2U and standard ATX form factors.

Our new range are 80 plus Gold PSU’s. We will be introducing an 80 plus Bronze and Platinum range of PSU’s later in the year.

Our range of 80 plus PSU’s currently include;

1U Industrial Rackmount PSU

1U Single 500W; http://www.logic-case.com/products/quick/SC-SG1U500/
1U Single 600W; http://www.logic-case.com/products/quick/SC-SG1U600/
1U Single 700W; http://www.logic-case.com/products/quick/SC-SG1U700/


2U Industrial Rackmount PSU


2U Single 500W; http://www.logic-case.com/products/quick/SC-SG2U500/
2U Single 600W; http://www.logic-case.com/products/quick/SC-SG2U600/
2U Single 700W; http://www.logic-case.com/products/quick/SC-SG2U700/
2U Single 800W; http://www.logic-case.com/products/quick/SC-SG2U800/
2U Single 900W; http://www.logic-case.com/products/quick/SC-SG2U900/


We have also introduced a fantastic 320W 80 plus Flex ATX PSU. The Flex ATX PSU’s are special small form factor 1U and are designed to go in a number of our very short depth 1U chassis, such as our SC-1250 and SC-13250 models.

1U Single 320W Flex ATX PSU, 80 plus



To compliment our range of Server ATX PSU’s we have introduced 3 new models, a 500W, 600W and 700W 80 plus Bronze PSU’s. These ATX PSU’s are standard PS/2 style commonly used in tower PC’s and servers. We also have a very wide range of rackmount chassis that accept ATX PSU’s.

To view our full range of ATX Power Supplies please click; http://www.logic-case.com/products/power-supplies/atx-power-supply/


New Product Line Introduced

Published by Mark Jarvis on 1st Jul 2013

We’re pleased and excited to now be stocking a fantastic line of “family” server chassis.

The family consists of a 1U, 2U 3 and 4U chassis, matching in both their functionality, internal look and feel and the external/front bezels. They have aluminium louvered front bezels which give an excellent look and feel and compliment the family of chassis.

The chassis are already a firm favourite with our customers who want to manufacture their own server products to specific markets such as for appliance servers, VoIP and IP telephony, CCTV and Rendering Systems.
The four models in this family are;


This is a fantastic 1U short depth chassis, only 250mm deep. It supports a Mini ITX motherboard, single PCI slot and uses an energy efficient, low power Flex ATX PSU. The chassis can either have 1x 3.5” hard drive installed, or 2x 2.5” drives. This chassis is very popular with our customers already for uses as rack server appliances, such as firewalls, VoIP servers and CCTV recording systems. It is lightweight, compact and looks great in a rack cabinet with other telecoms equipment.


This is a 2U short depth chassis. It is only 380mm deep, so perfect for wall mount rack cabinets, or back to back installations in 4 traditional 800mm deep server cabinets. The chassis supports an industrial 1U Single PSU, a Standard ATX motherboard. Internal expansion is superb with 5x 3.5” hard drive bays.

Additionally the chassis is very versatile with the PCI slot expansion bays. The chassis accepts 3x Full Height PCI cards (when used with a suitable riser) as well as Low Profile PCI Slots. The beauty with this chassis is that a combination of Low Profile and Full Height cards can be used and the position of these slots can be easily adjusted by moving the full height cage to the left/right. This is incredibly flexible for customers who use unusual card configurations, for the likes of CCTV capture cards, VoIP analog/digital interfaces and more.


This chassis very similar to the SC-2380, but the noticeable difference being that it accepts a standard ATX PSU (80mm fans only), accepts a Micro ATX motherboard and has an external 5.25” bay. This bay could be used with a hot-swap drive module or a CD/DVD drive. Some of our customers use this chassis for CCTV whereby a DVD burner is installed for archiving/backing up video footage to be taken off site – as an example.


The chassis is the same as the SC-22400, apart from it doesn’t have an external 5.25” bay. Instead it has 6x 3.5” internal hard drive bays.


This is the bigger brother to the 2U, SC-2380 chassis. It is the same short depth, 380mm. It can however also accept a standard ATX PSU, which makes serviceability and initial purchase costs very low indeed.

As the chassis is 3U it will accept 7 full height PCI cards, has 7x 3.5” hard drive bays and takes a standard ATX motherboard.

The large number of drives that can be installed internally make this perfect for installations where a lot of data is stored and require permanent fitting (e.g. no hot-swap). As a result customers use this for CCTV video storage, gaming and web servers.


This is the daddy of the chassis. It is 4U in height, 390mm deep so is still perfect for a wall cabinet installation/short depth comms rack and accepts 5x 3.5” hard drives.

The benefit of this chassis over its smaller counterparts is that it will allow for multi processor motherboards and has plenty of internal cooling, thanks to large 80mm fans.

All models have fans installed behind the louvered front panel, drawing cool air in and over the internal components. The air flow holes are behind the louvered panels, which make the chassis look like it doesn’t have any airflow holes, and therefore making a clean look in any installation.

All models also have the usual front panel, including a power and reset switch, hard drive and power LED’s and USB sockets. The buttons are spring loaded, so cannot be accidentally pressed in, so reduces an engineer accidentally pressing a button.

If you would like to discuss your requirements using either this range of a similar range of our products please contact us or call us on +44(0)1827 303670


Hot-Swap Hard Drives the Easy Way

Published by Richard Parry on 12th May 2013

Do you currently have a chassis that you want to add hot-swap to, or additional hot-swap? There’s a simple solution – Our SC-H300 or SC-H500 hot-swap modules.

These modules are designed for installation into chassis with 3 or more spare 5.25” drive bays. You can use these modules in any kind of chassis and they don’t even need to be Logic Case chassis either.


This allows for 3x 3.5” SATA hard drives to be installed into 2x 5.25” drive bays.  There is an 80mm fan at the rear to cool the installed drives. The unit has front mounted LED indicators to show the status of each drive, both for its active state and also the disk activity. There is also an LED to show the fan status. If the fan fails or drops below a specific RPM the indicator will show and there will also be an audible alarm.


This is the same type of product as the SC-H300, but supports 5x 3.5” hard drives into 3x 5.25” drive bays.

On the rear of all of these are 2x Molex Power Cables and standard SATA connectors. The 3 drive model (SC-H300) has 3 SATA, and the 5 drive model (SC-H500) has 5 SATA connectors.

The hot-swap modules are SATA 6Gbps compatible and will also work with previous generation drives in a mixed combination mode, so you could use 6Gbps (SATA 3) and 3Gbps (SATA 2) drives if you wanted.

We have built a Storage Kit Matrix on our site so you can easily identify which of our own chassis our hot-swap modules will fit into, just click here to view this matrix.

If you would like to discuss your exact requirements or are unsure if these hot-swap modules will fit into a different brand of chassis please contact us or call us directly on +44(0)1827 303670.


SAS and SATA JBOD's the Easy Way

Published by Richard Parry on 18th Mar 2013

We’re pleased to introduce some new product lines. JBOD’s!

JBOD enclosures are purpose built for use as storage enclosures with SAS and SATA architectures.

The JBOD enclosures we have support a variety of drive configurations with in-built SAS Expanders. The models we currently have available and recently introduced are 12 and 24 bay versions.

These are JBOD’s with a built in single-port SAS Expander manufactured by Asus and a Zippy/Emacs Redundant Power Supply. This combination allows for an Enterprise grade hardware DAS (Direct Attached Storage) solution and is perfect for use as additional storage for single servers or for virtualisation environments.

Each JBOD has a single SAS Expander built in. This allows a single 8088 external cable to be connected to a suitable HBA/RAID controller that supports SAS Drives. Although the technology used is SAS, the drives you use in the chassis can be a combination of SATA or SAS. This does depend on your RAID card, but most RAID cards support both.

Our JBOD’s are also SAS II, so are SAS I (3Gbps) and SAS II (6Gbps). In addition they are SATA Compatible, so will work with SATA II (3Gbps) and SATA III (6Gbps) drives.

You can use a combination of SSD or traditional hard drives up to 3TB (as of our current testing and market availability) drives in each enclosure.

Please take a look at our JBOD selection by clicking here. To discuss your requirements or to get more information please contact us or call us directly on +44(0)1827 303670


Custom & OEM Cases - It's not that difficult or expensive

Published by Richard Parry on 15th Mar 2013

Sometimes a choice of 500 cases is just not enough.

The discerning customer is always after something slightly different, perhaps your special requirement is as simple as wanting your cases painted royal blue, red, green or even  pink, ok we can arrange that, its as simple as diverting a batch of standard cases from the paint line and getting them painted in your Company Livery, however more often than not you require a structural change in a standard case or even a completely bespoke case or case set.

OEM comes in a variety of degrees of modification or design: -

Minor changes: You may say to us.  “I want it just like the
SC-1250 but without the front USB’s” or I want it “exactly like the SC-23650 but without the lower 5.25 external drive bay”.  This type of OEM modification is minor, it only requires a slight change in the case front bezel, we would require minimum orders of 50 to make these changes.

You may want one of our standard cases like an
SC-215 but due to environmental or internal thermal loading a standard set of fans (designed as a compromise between CFM airflow and dBa)  is deemed unsatisfactory and you require 4 x 50CFM fans (and you want them hot swap) in the centre fan wall instead of the standard fixed units, this is again minor and a minimum order of 50 will enable this change to be made.

As can be seen a small bezel change plus a fan change and “can I have a 500W 80 PLUS PSU pre fitted” are all in the minor changes category.

Major changes:  We oftern have customers who need a slightly more radical re-design on one of our cases, typically “The
SC-1304 is exactly what we want but we only need to fit a mini ITX mother board and it can only be 500mm long”.

We can make this type of OEM change fairly easily, we have to make structural changes to the case shell which is more work of course, we would therefore require a larger commitment from you and would require a minimum order quantity of 100 cases.  We could schedule these to meet your requirements, an order for 200 supplied 50 per month would be a typically acceptable supply solution.

Bespoke case (based on a starting point): You may want to take a 4U case like our
SC-43400 which at 400mm deep is already fairly shallow but need it only 350mm deep to fit into your bespoke cabinet (which is already being made for you elsewhere).  You still need 6 x 3.5” drives and 2 x 5.25” drives and you have a full size bespoke PCI/RAID card you have to fit in. 

Now we have a set of problems requiring a bespoke solution, an optical drive and an ATX PSU complete with its multitude of wires simply will not fit in the 350mm you require.  This time we need to think more radically.

How about if we switched from an ATX PSU and fitted a 1U PSU (that fit under the 2 existing 5.25” drive bays)  you still have the 2 x 5.25” bays you needed.  We would need to manufacture a bespoke back plate but that’s ok we can do that, (See example below).




We would also need to design in a horizontal PCI rear aperture because there is not enough room to fit in the
PCI Card standing vertically) and still offer you the 6 x 3.5” drive bays you need, what we can do is fit the card under the 6 x 3.5” drive carrier trays, that’s ok we can do that as well.

Once we have sorted out your case requirements we can look at our build and global warranty services.  Do you need it CE marked as a system, you guessed it, we can do that for you as well.

Providing there is a customer out there that needs something special or different we will keep on providing this niche service, to put it into perspective today is the 23rd of July, already this month we have provided 2 x new OEM customers with bespoke case solutions.

Some more examples of OEM customisation;


Contact us to discuss your requirements, even if it is in pink.

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