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Logic Case have carefully selected their current range of industrial chassis. As an experienced manufacturer, we realise that some customers requirements may not fit within the conventional realms of an off-the-shelf product. We have 9 years experience in custom manufacture of server rack chassis and would be happy to talk to you to discuss your requirements.

It's not as complicated or expensive as you may think

Contrary to popular belief, OEM doesn't have to be expensive or complex. We have our own UK based design team to work with you on your requirements and for most OEM projects, the minimum order quantity starts from only 60 units.

Exactly what you need

We can offer OEM of our pre-produced chassis - making small adjustments where necessary, which is often all that is needed, or have a complete chassis custom manufactured to the customers exact requirements.

Manufacturing Facility, China

Our chassis, hot-swap backplanes, power supplies and accessories are manufactured in Dongguan City, China.   All manufacturing is carried out strictly in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards. Our manufacturer is also a TUV and SGS Partner. 

With over 12 years of manufacturing experience and an OEM design and development division we are able to offer you the case you want.

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