80mm Fan Wall Bracket for 4U case

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Product Code/SKU: SC-BKT-010
80mm Fan Wall Bracket for 4U case
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80mm Fan Wall Bracket

Fans are not included.

This fan wall bracket can be installed in any of the cases detailed below.  In some instances the cases are factory fitted with 3 x 120mm fan walls, you will have to remove the existing fan wall and replace it with the 80mm Fan wall bracket and install new fans.  The 80mm Fans in the Logic case range will be ideal for a standard application.  Just order 4 x model number SC-8025-BBHS.

If you want hot swap fans you will need to buy the alternative bracket model SC-BKT-010-HS

The fan wall bracket fits in the: -

SC-4316   SC-4316S   SC-4316S-F   SC-4320   SC-4320S   SC-4320S-F   SC-4324   SC-4324S   SC-4324S-F   SC-43480B-F   SC-43550B   SC-43650B

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